Disciples of Vengeance

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In a world littered with the rotting carcasses of fallen empires, justice is often a dim memory from a time when laws protected the innocent and punished the criminals. The tiny settlements enduring today keep the order’s fires burning, but with each passing generation, the rot deepens, poisoning civilization’s heart and threatening that one day, all that is good and noble in the world will be ashes and ruin. The hero is often the only salvation the world has—a burning torch against the cloying darkness and the sword against the neck of tyranny—but many adventurers are fickle protectors. These heroes are drawn along by their destinies to combat evil’s greatest champions, and this struggle can carry them beyond the beleaguered world to distant planes and other realities. If the hero cannot or will not stand for the common folk, who will? Heroes are not the only agents in the natural world to oppose the brimming corruption. Others devote their lives to combating the evil stalking the lands. These organizations might welcome adventurers and heroes, but many are made up of ordinary folk who refuse to close their eyes against that which most folk fear. They stand fast, ready to heal the world with fire and sword. “Disciples of Vengeance” describes one such group, revealing a growing power whose presence and influence now spreads across the world. As their name suggests, its members are those who avenge the fallen, who punish the immoral, and do the work once performed by kings and kingdoms, emperors and empires: They keep the peace when others fail.

There comes a time for each man and woman to make a choice. At this crossroad, a person must decide what they will do when injustice reveals itself. Will she cast a blind eyetoward cruelty and malice, naively believing she will never suffer the same or does she reject tyranny and sacrifice her life to destroy it?.

Sir Gerald Sersten, Knight of the Second Moon

The Disciples of Vengeance grew from dissatisfaction with fear, hatred of evil, and, above all, a desire to see justice restored to a land. When hidden cultists nearly destroyed the city of Beacon with unleashed plagues, the priests of Erathis, Pelor, and Kord, working with the city’s Thieves’ Guild, founded the Disciples as an antidote for what they saw was a spreading sickness in the world. In the century that followed, the Disciples have founded chapterhouses across the countryside, in cities, and in the wild. They see themselves as the light against the darkness, and as long as at least one of them lives, they fight.

Joining requirements

Non-evil alignment

Trained in either Insight or Perception

Extra: You must complete a minor quest to prove your suitability as a candidate.

Disciples of Vengeance

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