A New Dawn

Setting Out

Second Zol of Dravago

After a few weeks of ‘taking a break’ from work, and amounting a bit of gambling debt, Jill had informed Vinrazi that a she had found a job that he might be interested in. After checking out the job posting there was little details of what the job entailed. But Jill convinced Vinrazi that it seemed that the job leaned towards his moral standards. The job requested him to visit the small rustic village of Luite in the eastern part of Entress to get the details. Vin accepted the job and made his way to the village of Luite, but he would have to stop off at DRAGON CAPITAL before heading off to Luite. He arrived in the capital in the later part of the evening. Vin took up the night at an interesting inn, the Brass Dwarf. Upon entering the establishment he was greeted by the owner/builder of the building, Torg.

Second Wir of Dravago

After a good nights sleep, Vin headed down to the dining area for breakfast and was introduced to the inn’s cook, Rocky. Rocky served up Vin a very interesting meal of meat and eggs, though Vin could not identify the meat he was surprised how good it was.

After his meal he headed off to Luite. He managed to cross the Entress desert with little difficulty he arrived at the village. Being as Vin is he stealthed his way into the village. He couldn’t get a good reading on what was going on in the village. He decided to make his way into the town hall. Vin surprised the village governor as he entered the building, but shortly got down to explaining what the problem was. Vin was informed that after a strange man came to the village, villagers started to disappear into Bleak Water Swamp and have never been seen again.

Vin headed into Bleak Water Swamp to find out what was going on and why the villagers have been disappearing. Upon entering the swamp he imminently had a wave of evil crash over him than as quickly has it came it left. Ignoring the feeling Vin pressed onward into the swamp. Vin soon stumbled across a clearing in the swamp where he found a man in heavy armor that appeared to be in pain.

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